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Once the assignees and family members move to the host country; Tunisia, Relocation & Mobility Solutions (RMS) provides tailored Move -In programmes to ensure that they feel settled into their new home.

  • RMS greets and picks up assignees and their families from the airport to their temporary accommodation.

  • RSM drives assignee and their families around downtown and its suburbs to bring them local knowledge.

    This orientation trip would include driving by and introduction to:
    • Leisure facilities (Tennis & Golf clubs, parks, pools, camps ...)
    • Restaurants and Hotels
    • International Schools & Embassies
    • Malls and Shopping centers
    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Places of worship and religion
    • New office location and best routes for commutation...
  • RMS provides assignees and their families with pertinent housing information and selection support, according to the assignee's needs, housing availability and client policy limitations.

    Services may include:
    • Analysis of Assignee/family housing needs and preferences
    • Assistance in pre selection and identifying properties for viewing
    • Assistance in negotiating the rent and the lease agreements
    • Home inspection to check that the agreed fittings are made before the installation
  • RMS introduces assignees and their families to their new community and provide them local move-in and acclimation assistance.

    Services may include:
    • Coordination of utilities
    • Assistance with Telephone and Internet services
    • Assistance with home insurance
    • Assistance with purchase of appliances and furniture
    • Assistance in establishing bank account
    • Assistance in hiring staff and domestics (cleaning lady, nanny, driver, Gardner...)
    • Assistance with medical referrals: hospitals, clinics, dentists...
    • Assistance with leisure, sport and health clubs
    • Spouse/partner Assistance
    • Assisting with language training
    • 24/7 Phone hotline for advice, assisting and emergency