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Relocation & Mobility Solutions (RMS) works with the assignees and family members prior to their move to the new location and helps them assimilate into their host country's culture by putting realistic plans into place before the relocation date.

  • RMS provides assistance with the preparation of all temporary visa petitions and application for work permits and permanent residences, immigration policy guidance, strategic planning advice and program support.

    Services may include:
    • Liaison with the assignee to obtain information required for submission of application
    • Advice and assistance in related immigration matters
    • Submission, completion and filing of application, with approving body
    • Saving employer's time by acting as an intermediary and liaising directly with government bodies responsible for immigration matters
    • Verification of requirements for family members
    • Provide immigration papers, extensions and renewals.
  • RMS assists on organization of the air and/or sea shipments of the assignee's household goods and personal effects.

    Services may include:
    • Selecting and booking carriers and freight forwarders
    • Scheduling pickup and delivery, and arrange for storage, if needed
    • Confirming timely arrival of goods
    • Assisting in the settlement process if a claim is necessary
  • RMS provides assignees with quality temporary accommodations (Hotel/ Apartment/ Apart-hotel...)

    Services may include:
    • Selection of accommodation/ hotel booking
    • Negotiate fees and dates with the serviced apartment company/hotel
    • Confirm check-in
    • Key collection
    • Follow-up with assignees to insure everything is in order once he will move to the country.