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The returning assignees and family members face social, business and personal difficulties and may be one of the biggest challenges of all relocation phases. Relocation & Mobility Solutions (RMS) provides support right through to the ultimate relocation or re-orientation to the home country.

  • RMS relieves assignees and their families of the myriad details involved in vacating residences.

    Services may include:
    • Lease termination
    • Cancelation of utilities (electricity, gas and water) contracts
    • Cancellation of home insurance
    • Cancellation of land/cell phone contracts
    • Cancellation of Internet/cable contracts
    • Tenancy resumption follow-up (refurbishing, cleaning and garden maintenance)
    • Handover of the keys
    • Arranging of return of security deposit
    • Return of a leased auto
    • Closing of bank account
  • RMS remains the single point of contact and accountability for the assignee throughout the assignment and pre departure.

    Services may include:
    • Explain the client's policy and services for repatriation, and respond to assignees questions and concerns.
    • Educate the assignee regarding medical exam requirements where applicable
    • Notify client's tax provider of repatriation and requests a briefing for the assignee
    • Confirm exit documentation for the assignee